Blue Sea BCBA & BCaBA Supervision Program


Blue Sea Offers Supervision to Candidates Seeking

  • Access to a Professional Collaborative
    Blue Sea’s Executive Management Team is comprised of professionals from disciplines including behavior intervention, psychology, social work, education, & the law.
  • Unique Independent Fieldwork Opportunities
    Qualified candidates may be offered Independent Fieldwork opportunities with Blue Sea, including Direct Service as well as Behavior Intervention Consulting working with children & adults of all ages.
  • A Targeted Curriculum
    Maximize your likelihood of passing the BCBA exam with Task-List based curriculum provided in personalized individual & group settings by expert, highly trained & experienced Supervisors.
  • BACB Approved Training Provider
    Blue Sea is a BACB approved ACE provider (Pr. No. OP-13-2338) offering a diverse range of professional development BACB continuing education credits through programs designed to inform best practices.
  • Affordable Financing & Flexible Scheduling
    Affordable financing available for candidates seeking Supervision exclusively through Blue Sea, as well as non-exclusively. Creative financing available for qualified candidates selected for unique Independent Fieldwork opportunities described above. Scheduling options (from 12 to 36 months) are tailored to your independent fieldwork schedule and related BACB Supervision requirements.

BACB Certification Quick Facts

  • BCBA & BCaBA Certification – Two major requirements for BCBA & BCaBA certification relate to (A) a Degree and (B) Training & Experience.
  • Degree Requirement – Possession of a minimum of a master’s degree for BCBA conferred in behavior analysis or other natural science, education, human services, engineering, medicine or a behavior analysis related field, and approved by BACB. BCaBA degree requirement possession of a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.
  • Training Coursework – Applicant must complete 225 classroom hours of graduate level instruction in BACB acceptable coursework. Note this requirement increases to 270 hours with the first examination of 2015.
  • Experience – Supervised Independent Fieldwork (1500 hours BCBA, 1000 hours BCaBA). Supervisory period is two weeks. You must be supervised at least once during this period for no less than 5% of the total hours spent in Supervised Independent Fieldwork. Example, candidates with 40 hours of independent fieldwork during a supervisory period must receive 2 hours in supervision. BCBA candidates must received a total of 75 hours of supervision (1500 hours times 5%). BCaBA candidates must receive 50 hours of supervision. Supervision may be Individual or Group, with no greater than 50% of Group supervision hours within a given period.
  • Practicum & Intensive Practicum – See the BACB website for details relating to this requirement.

Supervision requirements change frequently so be sure to visit the BACB website for the most current requirements.

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