Educational Consulting & Enrichment Programs

Educational Consulting    Blue Sea Educational Consulting is a “Professional Collaborative” with consulting staff from various disciplines including behavior intervention, psychology, social work, teaching and the law.  Our goal is to increase in-district capacity & monitor over time fidelity to measureable outcomes.  Blue Sea offers a wide range of Consulting Services in the areas of  Academics & Behavior.  The following is an illustrative list of our Consulting Services:

Transition/LifeSkills/Vocational Consulting  Blue Sea provides Consulting Services to assess & develop capacity for In-District LifeSkills programs for new & existing program in all areas based on  TAXONOMY for TRANSITION PROGRAMMING

  • Student-Focused Planning (IEP Strategies, Student Participation, Planning, Targeted Related Services)
  • Student Development (Life Skills Instruction, Career & Vocational Curricula, Assessment, Structured Work Experience)
  • Program Structure (Philosophy, Policy, Evaluation)
  • Interagency Collaboration (Collaborative Framework & Service Delivery)
  • Family Involvement (Family Training, Involvement)

TRUE NORTH Educational Consulting  

True North is a unique educational program for Middle and High School students.

Culture of Support   Blue Sea works closely with key stakeholders to enliven an educational culture that is positive & proactive, including  students, families, school administrators & educational support personnel.

Measureable Progress   Schools that effectively implement True North demonstrate significant reductions in office referral rates, & corresponding reductions in suspensions & expulsion rates.

Cost Efficient   Analysis of monies spent on behavior & discipline in the educational setting provides ample evidence of the cost-effectiveness of implementing True North with its attendant reduction in behavior related incidents.

Contextually Relevant  & Clinically Appropriate Curriculum    True North is organized into 25 Lessons that address Cognitive-Behavioral, Social Skills Training, & Moral Reasoning.

True North is provided through a “Professional Collaborative” that includes Blue Sea professionals from Psychology, Behavioral Intervention, Social Work & the Law.

Educational Enrichment Programs

A-B-C Smart  A-B-C Smart consists of fun, preventive & therapeutic programs for students in Pre-K through Grade 3.  Designed to strengthen student performance across a variety of key domains, A-B-C Smart programs are strategic & evidence-based.  Multi  week programs allow for a comprehensive & cost-effective approach, addressing student needs in the Individual & Group context, & across all school settings.  A-B-C Smart Modules include:

  • Speech Language
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Positive Behavior Supports (PBIS) & Social & Emotional Development & Learning (SEDL)

* Blue Sea offers a wide range of Social Emotional Programs covering a variety of topics including: Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management & Organization, Responsible Decision Making, Relationship Management.  Please contact us for additional information.


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