Consulting Services

True North (Elementary, Middle & High School)

True North is uniquely designed, evidence-based educational programming offered to help students succeed in school & beyond .. to help students find their “True North.” True North combines key elements of positive behavior interventions & supports, applied behavior analysis, social emotional learning, character education, moral reasoning, cognitive restructuring, dialectic behavior therapy, problem-solving & common core. True North is available for students in all cohorts. Offered in groups of from 8 to 12 students, True North also incorporates one-to-one clinical support, as well as universal (cohort) programming.

True North is presented in a developmentally & culturally appropriate way to maximize student interest, relevance, overall program participation & effectiveness.

True North offers teachers & staff a meaningful opportunity to integrate core curriculum & learning, especially in ELA, Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies, & may be offered for credit (Health).

Behavior Intervention Consulting (K through 12)

School and home based Behavior Intervention services & consulting is provided to students in general & special education, and includes Functional Behavioral Assessments & Behavior Intervention Plans. Consulting is available for staff, administrators, and parents & families.

A-B-C Smart for Speech-Language & Occupational Therapy (K through 3)

A-B-C Smart is a pre-referral educational enrichment program in key related services domains generally for students pre-k through Grade 3 that are Fun, Preventive & Therapeutic. Designed to strengthen student performance across key domains, A-B-C Smart programs are strategic, evidence-based, & cost-effective.  Multi-week “curriculums” tailored to your school district’s needs allow for a comprehensive approach that addresses student needs in all educational settings.

A-B-C Smart program domains include

  • Speech-Language
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Reading & Mathematics
  • Behavior Intervention
Academic Consulting for Common Core

Academic Consulting is available for all cohorts in all subject area, especially certified reading and mathematics.  Response to Intervention Consulting is also available.

Autism Consulting (K through 12)

Our philosophy & approach is to increase in-district capacity to provide students with a Free & Appropriate Public Education in the Least Restrictive Environment.  A culture of “teamwork” & “collaboration” permeates our approach as we endeavor to work closely with all stakeholders, including students, families, teachers, staff, & clinical professionals.

Autism Consulting services provided in support of key educational program components, including, Student Evaluation, IEP Development & Review, Curriculum, Instructional Activities, Methods & Environments,  Opportunities for Interaction & Inclusion with Nondisabled Peers, Transition Planning, Community Collaboration, Family Involvement & Support, Challenging Behaviors, Staff Professional Development, Overall Program Evaluation, Review & Monitoring, After-School & Extended School Year Programming, Social Skills Training & Programming

Transition, Life Skills, Vocational

Consulting services are available for new & existing in-district Life Skills & and Vocational programs in all areas including, student-focused planning, student development, program structure, interagency collaboration, & family involvement.

Augmentative/Alternative Communication & Assistive Technology Consulting & Evaluation Services

AAC/Assistive Technology Consulting & Evaluation Services may include student tailored evaluation services, training for the educational team & families, system customization, direct consultation to service providers & staff, collaboration with educational team in modifying the curriculum to meet the student’s academic &/or communicative needs, training & support generating individualized goals & objectives, training on the development of individualized, skill based collection methods, facilitating use of assistive technology supports & AAC systems, SMARTboard training as a tool to develop reading, writing & communication skills.

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